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New! Fructus cattle manure

Fructus Cattle Manure – 100% Polish product derived from the traditional mulch animal breeding is already available in our offer . It is in the form of a dried pellet and is very easy for dosing and application.

– Thanks to the appropriate technology of production Fructus Cattle Manure is devoid of weed seeds, pathogens as well as unwanted fungi and bacteria. This unique product is intended for the fertilization of all garden plants, in particular vegetables, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, shrubs and fruit trees, lawns and flowering plants. Includes a complete set of elements necessary for proper growth and development of plants making a positive impact on the quality and quantity of crops – explains Dr. Eng. Peter Styrczula, Deputy Commercial Manager for Garden Fertilizers.

Systematic use of manure provides the plants with optimum conditions for development, improves their health, soil fertility, optimizes its physical and chemical features as well as helps to increase the humus content in the soil and, what is important, there is no risk of excessive fertilization.

Gardening products

The Fructus brand has been changing and developing for more than 40 years. We care about the quality of our fertilizers that contain all the necessary nutrients to ensure proper growth and development of plants. Using the experience of scientists, we make sure that we offer fertilizers of the highest standard.

Fructus – out of passion for gardening!

Fructus fertilizers are available in granular, liquid and crystalline form. The wide range of our products is appreciated by enthusiasts and professionals cultivating flowers, vegetables, fruit on an industrial scale. Every day, we turn the world greener. Find out how easy it is. Bet on the solutions that will be fruitful!


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