Cultivation of vegetables
Cucurbit vegetables

Cucurbit vegetables are a great source of many vitamins and minerals, carotene, as well as dietary fiber. These are vegetables with very high thermal requirements and they require a warm, airy and permeable soil that is rich in nutrients and humus. They should be grown in manure. Cucurbits in our gardens include, among others, cucumber.




Cucumber is a plant with a strongly developed but shallow root system and, therefore, it is exposed to fast drying and has large water requirements, especially during flowering and fruiting. The soil pH reaction should be regulated at least a year before the cultivation of cucumbers, because they do not tolerate fresh liming. This vegetable requires structural rich soils that are well-ventilated and warm up quickly. Seemingly, its nutritional needs are not large, but due to shallow root system, a short growing season and high weight of yield, it requires an intensive fertilization. For the cultivation of cucumbers these compound fertilizers can be successfully used: Fructus Gardener (at a dose of 10-15 kg / 100 m2), Fructus Planter, Plantena with boron and Plantena Max (at a dose of 5-9 kg / 100 m2), 2-3 weeks before sowing. The plant responds very well to fertilization with manure applied in autumn. Nitrogen inputs (taking account of the amount entered with compound fertilizers) should be 1-1.5 kg N / 100 m2 (in the form of e.g. ammonium nitrate); half the dose applied 7-10 days before sowing the seeds – and the remaining part twice in the 3-4 leaf stage and at the beginning of flowering.