Analytical laboratory

Fosfan SA analytical laboratory provides services in the following areas:

  • analysis of solid and liquid compound fertilizers,
  • analysis of raw materials (ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate, magnesite, potassium chloride, boric acid, borax, MAP, DAP, apatite, phosphate, dolomite, ammonium chloride, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, ferric sulfate, phosphoric acid);
  • analysis of other materials, e.g.: raw materials, aggregates, chemicals (it is necessary to have a prior arrangement on the scope of analyses with the Laboratory Manager ).

On request, the laboratory conducts trial granulations of powdery mixtures on our laboratory drum granulator (with application of different binders).

The laboratory performs markings using instrumental analyzes in addition to markings based on classical analytical methods: gravimetric and titration. These methods are used for the determination of the content of P2O5, MgO, CaO, Fe2O3, SO3 and Cl.

Samples for analysis are manufactured by methods complying with the 2003/2003 Regulation on fertilizers as of 13 October 2003, as amended (wet digestion: with water, mineral acids, mineral salts and alkali solutions).
For maximum validation of the analysis results the Laboratory tests compliance and accuracy through benchmarking with other laboratories, including the accredited ones. For tests certified chemical patterns and certified reference materials are used.


List of conducted analyses (PDF)