Cultivation of vegetables
Leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables are a very important and valuable source of vitamins and minerals. They have properties that regulate the basic metabolic processes strengthening and cleansing the body. These plants are characterized by a variety of forms and taste. To leafy vegetables that are widely and eagerly cultivated in Poland we can include, among others, sowing lettuce and spinach. These vegetables have relatively high soil requirements (cultivation requires fertile and adequately moistened soils).




This is a cold climate plant with poorly developed root system and short vegetation period. It requires fertile soils rich in humus and permeable. For early harvest crops best suited are clay-sand habitats quickly heating up and fertilized with manure in autumn. Late varieties can be grown on heavier and cooler soils. Lettuce does not like too acidic or too alkaline soils that are fresh or excessively limed. The content of macronutrients (mg / dm3) in the soil should be: 70-90 N, 50-70 P, 150-200 K, 55-75 Mg, 1000-1500 Ca. Compound fertilizers, of the type of Fructus Gardener, Fructus Planter, Plantena with boron and Plantena Max should be used in an amount of 3-8 kg / 100 m2 approximately 2 weeks before sowing by mixing them thoroughly with the soil.

Ordinary spinach

It is a plant with a rapid growth rate, weak root system, short vegetation period as well as high nutritional and water requirements. Spinach has similar requirements as lettuce, however, requires a carefully regulated pH reaction of the soil. The optimum content (mg / dm3) of available forms of mineral components in the soil for it should be: 70-90 N, 50-70 P, 150-225 P, 55-75 Mg and 1000-1500 Ca. Compound fertilizers e.g. Fructus Gardener in this case should be mixed with the soil 2-3 weeks before sowing the seeds.